Communism on Tomorrow Street

Communism on Tomorrow Street book coverIn recent years, the Khrushchev period of the Soviet experiment has drawn intense scholarly interest among historians seeking to understand how state and society attempted to remake and rejuvenate the Soviet system after Stalin and forge ahead with the construction of communism. My own contribution to this literature is the work I’ve done on Khrushchev’s mass housing campaign, which permitted millions of ordinary Soviet citizens to experience and shape the “thaw” themselves by moving out of overcrowded communal apartments and into their own single-family, separate apartments. My book, Communism on Tomorrow Street: Mass Housing and Everyday Life after Stalin, was recently published in February 2013 by the Woodrow Wilson Center Press and the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Excerpts from my book are available below:

Communism on Tomorrow Street–Introduction

Chapter One–The Soviet Path to Minimum Living Space

Chapter Six–New Furniture

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