The following is a list of courses that I regularly teach in Russian, European, and global history.

1. History of Western Civilization, 17th century-present

Course syllabus: HIST-122-SHarris-201601

2. History of Russia, 1861-present

Course syllabus: HIST-358-SHarris-201601

3. History of Europe since 1945

Course syllabus: HIST-381-SHarris-201508

4. Socialism: Theory and Practice

Course syllabus: HIST 200C7 syllabus

5. Second World Urbanity

Course syllabus: HIST-471E6-SHarris-201401

6. History of Conspiracy Theories

Course syllabi: hist-457-sharris-201201

7. History of Stalinism

Course syllabus: HIST-468-SHarris-201501

8. Flying High: A Global History of Aviation

Course syllabus: HIST-471F2-SHarris-201508